Battery Powered Film Production

Green, Silent

and Safe

With near 200 units running across Europe, the battery trailer design is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to the oldfashion diesel generators used for film production.

Investing in Trailer Battery

European and the U.K. rental houses today look for green solutions to reduce the Carbon footprint for their clients.

Chosing a Trailer Battery gives a safe ROI, both financially and as a green solution to reduce the Carbon Footprint for film productions.

Contact us for quotes and inspiration about how your new Trailer Battery will keep you closer to your clients, ensuring a steady rental flow and access to new projects.

Your needs vs. our range

Based on 25 years of running a Rental House, we set a fixed range, covering most of film productions. 

- Stand alone Trailer Battery

- Trailer Battery Duo with generator

Do you want to order, feel free to use our contact form. Should your needs go in other directions, needing 10 units with your own specs and features, feel free to ask.

Nothing is impossible.

Try it out - ask for rental

The world of film production is based on rental.

Do you want our Trailers for your next production, let us know and we will refer you to the nearest through our Rental Partner Network.




Since the earliest days film production, much depended on enough light. First and best was the sun, as Green as it could get, but also with implications at night.

Soon came large lighting fixtures replicating the Sun, but needing powerful generators burning fuel, this was the standard for more than 100 years.



When the power comes from batteries and not diesel, the first thing you will experience is the lack of VROUMMMMMMM.

Next you will enjoy the silence.



The durable and lightweight construction ensures safe handling.Unique battery technology ensures capabilities from -40 to +65 degrees and should the worst happen it's good to know that the batteries are safe from impact and fire.

Made in Denmark

Made in Denmark

Years of development has gone in to the design and concept of the Trailer Battery, Danish engineering and production ensures a consistent quality and having 200 units build, also ensures you a competent backup.


Reduction in emmission

using generator backup


Emmission reduction  battery stand alone


Battery Trailers in

use across EU

Feedback from the clients

Don't just take our words for it, the trailer mounted battery system has endured a good beating on location, take it from the experts

The idea of using batteries gave us a headache at first, what happens when we run out op power ;) But at the end, the combo of large battery pack and backup gen-set was awsome, often the battery capacity alone kept us running for a ten hour day. 

Gaffer with 20 years

in the business

Loved using the Battery Trailer instead of the smaller petrol genies and fighting for capacity, when makeup turns on the hairdryer. Our Battery Trailer was moved easily with our ATV - plugging in a 230V supply streched the capacity to infinity - so it seemed

Location Manager

Film production has some new focus points these years, safety, gender equallity and carbon footprint with reporting and new certificates.

The Trailer Battery Duo gives the green process a boost, as we have the same production possibilities as before, but with a 90-100% reduction in CO2 emmissions on-set.

Senior Line Producer